Posted by: Carel | December 4, 2007

South Africa’s wealthiest people in 2007

South African Rand

The Sunday Times of South Africa recently announced South Africa’s billionaire’s club (In South African Rand, divide by ~7 to get to USD). You can find the article here (You may have to register to get to the list).

Here is the top ten list:
1. Lakshmi Mittal of Mittel Steel SA – ZAR27bn ($4bn),
2. Nicky Oppenheimer of Anglo American – ZAR16bn ($2.3bn),
3. Patrice Motsepe (African Rainbow Minerals and Sanlam) – ZAR13.5bn ($2bn)
4. Rembrandt Trust – ZAR8.3bn ($1.2bn)
5. Elephant Consortium (Telkom SA) – ZAR5bn ($700mm)
6. Bill Venter of Allied Electronics – ZAR4.2bn ($615mm)
7. Giovanni Ravazzotti (Ceramic and Italtile) – ZAR4bn ($586mm)
8. Ackerman Family (Pick n Pay Holdings) – ZAR3.7bn ($542mm)
9. Bruno Steinhoff (PSG Group and Steinhoff) – ZAR3.7bn ($540mm)
10. Laurie Dippenaar (Discovery, FirstRand and RMB) – ZAR3.3bn ($483mm)

Here is another list of South Africa’s wealthiest people. There’s some overlap.

I wonder why Elon Musk (worth at least $300mm and should be in the top 20) and Mark Shuttleworth (sold to Verisign for $575mm) are not listed. Elon may not be deemed as a South African anymore. I think Mark still lives in South Africa.

What to get on the list? Then you may find a few tips in this Secrets of a self-made billionaire Forbes article.

Any one else that you think they missed?


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