Posted by: Carel | June 28, 2007

Online Sales Tools comparison

11/1/2007: updated their comparison. does a good job of comparing online CRM tools. I use ZohoCRM and sofar I’m satisfied with the application. It’s free for less than 3 users. Also check out other open source alternatives including: SugarCRM and vTiger.

What do you use?



  1. Carel : Thanks for using Zoho CRM and glad you are liking it! And thanks for recommending Zoho in the comments of’s post 🙂


  2. Personally I use Oprius, but I’m a bit biased 🙂

    Another free alternative (although not open source) is FreeCRM:
    I don’t like it as I find it too clumsy and would get way less done at the end of the day. But if your focus is free then be my guest.

    A comment about free tools though (not just sales tools):
    Lets say each sale you make puts $40 in your pocket.
    Without any tool lets say you can do 5 deals or $200 a week
    With tool A you can do 6 deals or $1,200 a week
    With tool B you can do 6.5 deals or $1,300 a week
    Using tool B you are bringing in an extra $100, or $400 a month.
    I would argue it would be in your best interest to pay up to $400 a month on tool B over A.

    If tool B is free, then that is awesome! However, if A is free and B is $15 a month you are still gaining a lot more then your monthly spending. My 2 cents.

    However if the reason is free as in freedom to get into and work with the source code, then that is something totally different.

    Owen Mead-Robins – VP Operations

  3. Hi Owen,
    Thank you for checking in. I quickly browsed your site and it looks very interesting.

    Quick question: Do you have an easy way to “port” or migrate Zoho CRM data?


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