Posted by: Carel | June 28, 2007

Interesting Human Capital Management (HCM) blogs

Here are a few interesting HCM/HR blogs that I read frequently. Let me know what you think of these? Btw, will you be attending the HR Tech conference in Chicago in October. Why are you going? I’m not sure if I want to attend so I’m asking for some feedback.

HCM Blogs:

Another one a stumbled across today: ERP Blog on HCM research.

All for now. You’re comments please.

[Added July 5, 2007: Here is another excellent blog on HCM technology. It’s by one of my former colleagues, Leendert van der Bijl. Read it, he is a deep thinker and has some excellent insights.]



  1. Carel,
    Great to see you blogging

  2. Hi Thomas, So far so good. I have a way to go to get to your level. Keep on delivering the goods.

    Groete, Carel.

  3. Hi Carel-

    Thanks for the post. Good luck as you continue to build the blog. Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts as you continue to journey.


  4. Carel: Nice to meet you, and thanks for putting me on the list. I’ll be at HR Technology assuming my travel schedule does not get in the way. I look forward to meeting people I’ve only interacted with so far on the web.

    I look forward to reading here.

    -Dubs (

  5. Hi Dubs,
    I’ve never attending HR Tech. Would you recommend I attend — why? If we both attend then it would be great to have coffee and meet in person.


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