Posted by: Carel | August 25, 2006

Using Google Spreadsheets

In an earlier blog I mentioned Google Spreadsheets. I decided to use this web app for a fairly detailed spreadsheet recently. My initial comments are:

The good…


  •     The web-app is fairly responsive and you can easily and quickly update a spreadsheet. Navigation within a spreadsheet is fairly snappy.
  •     Smaller spreadsheets load quickly from the Google site. Smaller spreadsheets also load quickly from your local machine.
  •     To format a cell, change the font, and create a function is very initiative and easy.
  •     Spreadsheet navigation is quick, easy, and initiative. 
  •     It’s very easy to share a file to collaborate on a spreadsheet.

The bad…


  •     Maybe this is a Mac problem, however I couldn’t see a cursor when editing a cell. This makes it very difficult to edit a function, especially very complicated functions.
  •     Uploading a file of any significance size takes loooooooooonnnnng. I have a 6Mbps connection. It’s still very slow. It’s not really practical to work like this.    
  •     Ok, so you developed an elaborate spreadsheet and now you want to print it. Well, the printing functions are VERY limited in this version. The only way to print a spreadsheet is to render it in HTML and then to print the web page. Not the most powerful way to print. The rendering is also very bad. 

Current assessment: Don’t delete your Microsoft Excel application just 


I would like to hear about your experiences with Google Spreadsheets.


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